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My musical journey has taken quite a few unexpected turns over the years. It all began in high school at Mentor High, where I was part of a band that played gigs at bowling alleys, grad parties, and even had a taste of the 'Better in Mentor Days' scene. But after graduation, life led me down a different path, and my guitar gathered some dust.

Fast forward, and I found myself strumming away at home, revisiting the same five tunes for several years. Music remained a personal passion, quietly humming in the background of life.

Then, a couple of years back, something magical happened at my friend Scott's bonfire. I picked up a guitar and played a few tunes, leaving my friends surprised – most of them didn't even know I could play. The energy was electric, and it was a revelation.

Fuelled by Scott's enthusiasm, I decided to rekindle my musical fire. We dreamed about the fun we could have playing at the wineries in northeast Ohio. At first, I didn't take it too seriously, but I started recording acoustic renditions of classic rock hits in my basement and sharing them on my YouTube channel. The creative process was a blast.

With time, I honed my skills and ventured out to perform at Scott's next outdoor gathering, with friends joining in for a great time. Scott, well-connected in the local scene, believed in my music and managed to land me a gig at a nearby bar. That initial success was followed by private parties, pig roasts, and clam bakes.

But the story doesn't end there. This year, I decided to expand my musical horizons further and, along with a group of talented musicians, formed a classic rock band. The response has been nothing short of amazing, and we've been gaining quite a following.

And looking ahead to 2024, I have some exciting plans on the horizon. I'll be taking the stage for a series of solo shows, where I'll be showcasing my original music. It's a new chapter in my musical journey, and I can't wait to share these heartfelt creations with all of you. Stay tuned for more details on these special performances, as I continue to explore the depths of musical expression.

So here I am today, with a calendar full of gigs – restaurants, bars, private parties, and those coveted wineries I once dreamt about. I specialize in acoustic rock and pop cover songs, the kind that everyone knows and loves. And with my band in tow, the musical journey has taken a new exciting turn. This year, I'm thrilled to embrace the stage once again, making the most of Ohio's great patios and beautiful weather, and sharing the joy of music with all of you.



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