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I played a bit in high school (Mentor High)- was in a band that played a couple bowling ally gigs, grad parties, & Better in Mentor Days. Then after high school real life set in and I did not really play much for years.

I played at home here and there as the years went by. I think I played the same 5 songs for several of those years.

I never really considered playing again or playing out in any capacity. One night a couple years back I was at my friend Scott’s bonfire and someone had a guitar. I picked it up and banged out a couple tunes. Most of my friends did not know I even played. It was a good time.

Shortly after, my buddy Scott convinced me to start playing. We talked about how fun it would be playing the wineries in northeast Ohio. I did not really give it too much serious consideration. However, I did start playing in the basement and recording classic rock tunes acoustically and throwing them on a YouTube channel. It was a lot of fun.

Eventually I built up a repertoire of songs and played at Scott’s next outdoor fire. Some friends were there and it was a good time. Scott is a local guy and knows a lot of people through his business and he landed me a gig at a local bar. I followed that up with some private parties, pig roast, & clam bakes.

Fast forward to this year, and I have a steady flow of gigs booked at restaurants, bars, private parties...and yes, the wineries!

I play all acoustic rock/pop cover songs - songs people know. I am looking forward to this year, playing out, and enjoying the great patios and nice weather months in Ohio!



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